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"where Hopper goes the Water flows" since 1915

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Checking the water during well screen development using air surging

Residential and Cottage Wells

We've been drilling wells for homes and cottages since 1915, and we know how important water is to you, your family and friends. We take the utmost care in constructing or rehabilitating your well to ensure clean water is always available when you need it. We offer a variety of casing options, such as Steel, heavy wall Steel, Stainless Steel and PVC. Wells are completed in various formations, such as Sand, Gravel and fractured bedrock. Ask us what to expect at your location.

Farm and Agricultural Wells

Farms and agricultural based businesses make up a large part of our work. Whether its Poultry, Pork, Beef, Goat, Sheep or one of the many types of Dairy or spraying operations, we are there to help. In many cases the Water needs of a farming operation are directly tied to its profits. Our experience can help you plan for the future whether its a single well or large multi-well system. Ask us how we can help to maximize your Production.

Irrigation and Open Loop Geothermal

Throughout Ontario Irrigation has become a necessity for some and a huge benefit for others. Over the decades we have been involved with some of the largest systems in use for Agriculture, Golf and Sod. Open loop Geothermal wells often require specialized construction, we have been involved with some of the largest and most sophisticated systems in Ontario. We have the knowledge and experience to make the best of your areas resources. We work closely with experienced Consultants & Hydro-geologists to get the design, permitting and paperwork in place promptly for your Irrigation or Geothermal Project.

Commercial, Industrial, Dewatering and Municipal Drilling

Many of the larger municipalities in Ontario use groundwater to provide for their communities. Over the years we have had the privilege to work with a number of them to help bring safe drinking water to hundreds of thousands of people. The larger diameter wells needed, and the level of expertise required, help set us apart from many drilling companies. Our equipment and tooling allows us to provide unmatched services, safety and flexibility for a wide variety of drilling and well applications. 

Our experience and equipment has taken us to Depths of over 1300', Borehole diameters up to 43", and single well pumping rates of 3000 gallons per minute. We can offer complete services including Testing, Design, Consulting, Geophysics, Reporting, Rehabilitation & Downhole Video inspection.


Over the decades we have been involved with a vast selection of Overdrilling projects for both re-casing and decommissioning existing wells or boreholes, and removing stuck or lost tooling for other contractors. The tooling required for these projects is often not available commercially and requires fabrication. We have the in house capabilities to custom design and fabricate whatever your project requires.


We offer cost effective decommissioning services for all types of wells, whether its a small diameter monitoring well, municipal well or anything in between. Contact us to discuss your needs.

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